Electric Cleaning Brush Multi-functional Home USB Rechargeable Electric Rotary Scrubber Household Appliances Cleaning Gadget

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• Multi-functional :This electric cleaning brush is designed to be versatile, with the ability to clean a variety of surfaces including floors, walls, and appliances.

• USB Rechargeable :No need to worry about replacing batteries, this electric cleaning brush can be easily recharged using a USB cable.

• Electric Rotary Scrubber :The electric rotary scrubber feature allows for efficient cleaning, making it easier to tackle tough grime and dirt.

• Household Appliances Cleaning Gadget :This electric cleaning brush is perfect for cleaning household appliances, ensuring they stay in top condition.

Electric cleaning brush multi-functional home USB rechargeable electric rotary scrubber household appliances cleaning gadget

Product parameter


Product dimensions:224*119*105mm

Weight:350 (g)

Battery capacity:1200 MA

File number control:Three-speed control

Charging mode:USB charging

Product features

1. Three-gear power change, High quality powerful scrubber brush is of high efficiency to remove dust, dirt, charred traces, etc.

2. Humanity design 3 interchange brush heads effectively clean out the dirty dead corners, suitable for different objects.

3. The hand-held design and cordless operation make it easy working even into tight corners. It's easy to grip.

4. Handy power scrubber for cleaning tub, table, washing basin, kitchen sink, toilet, window glass, and so on.

Packing list

1 xElectric leaning rush
1 x3 brush heads

1 x USB cable

1 x Istruction manual


1. The product may have insufficient power after long distance transportation, please charge before use

2. The switch button has a transport protection device, which needs to be clicked twice to start

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